Swimming Pool Repair Cleaning Maintenance and Leak Detection Port Orange

The Pool Butler of Port Orange offers dependable swimming pool services to customers in Port Orange.

We take care of your swimming pool like it’s our own. You’ll know our name, recognize our trucks and uniforms, and always receive a record of what we did each time we visit. When your pool pump breaks down in the middle of a heat wave, or your heater goes on the fritz in the middle of winter, it makes all the difference in the world to know you’ll get help quickly.

As a Pool Butler customer, you get priority service for emergency repairs. In addition, our Pool Technicians proactively monitor and report any equipment issues with the goal of catching them before there’s a problem. Taking the proper measures to care for your pool is necessary to maintain water quality and overall condition. We offer a variety of essential swimming pool care services to keep your pool clean and healthy.

Our Swimming Pool Care Services Include:

  • Chlorine and Salt pool cleaning
  • Green pool cleaning
  • Weekly and bi-monthly cleaning
  • Pool chemical services
  • Pool water analysis
  • In ground and above ground pool service
  • Spa cleaning and services
  • Pool filter cleaning
  • Pool liner cleaning
  • Cloudy pool services
  • Phosphate treatments

THE POOL BUTLER Service offers comprehensive swimming pool repair services and spa maintenance in Port Orange, Florida. Selecting the right pool repair company is very important. Improperly repaired issues such as equipment or plumbing failure could result in further damage to your pool, and additional expenses.

At The Pool Butler, we take pride in the quality of the repair service we provide our customers. This is why all our technicians undergo extensive training in all fields of pool repair. Our expert technicians are able to assist you with electrical, mechanical, and plumbing issues related to your swimming pool or spa.

For your convenience, we offer Full Service Maintenance Programs adapted to your needs and budget.


  • Weekly Visits on the Same Day of the Week – THERE IS NO GUESSING “WHEN” WE WILL BE THERE
  • Check and Re-balance Chemicals (Chemicals are Included)
  • Brush Pool Interior
  • Clean Tile
  • Net Pool
  • Check Pump and Skimmer Baskets
  • Vacuum Pool as Needed
  • Clean Filter Cartridge on a Regular Basis
  • Leave a Written Weekly Report - THERE IS NO GUESSING “IF” WE WERE THERE
  • Quality Service at Great Rates – NO 5 Minute “Splash and Dash” Here
  • Risk-Free 1st Month Trial *See Company for Details


  • Install & Repair Pool Pumps and Motors
  • Install & Repair Pool Filters
  • Install & Repair Pool Heaters
  • Install & Repair Pool/Spa Lights
  • Plumbing System Repairs
  • Install & Repair Salt System

And don’t forget our POOL LEAK DETECTION AND REPAIR services for any pool! Stop losing water and draining your wallet!

Contact The Pool Butler of Port Orange today at 386-682-2234 to ask about our free estimates. We’re at your service!